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At Pacific Peak Advisors, our focus is to understand your goals and develop a plan to reach them.

We provide comprehensive advice “from a helicopter view,” assisting clients on family wealth protection, risk management, long term care solutions and can provide assistance in charting the turbulent waters of health care.

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Family Wealth Management

We help our families keep their wealth in the family from one generation to the next. Providing full financial planning and investment management we can ensure our clients can make the most out of their resources. Our estate planning expertise allows us to plan for tax efficiency in the distribution of the estate.

Additionally, we can assist with Charitable planning and gifting when that is a client goal. Each client is provided with our Pacific Peak Toolbox, which includes our Wealth Management System and access to full performance analysis in real time.

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Retired or Nearly So?

Facing retirement can be a frustrating and confusing time. The main concern everyone has is “will we run out of money.”

Our Wealth Management System, along with our Decision Center allows our clients to see all of their assets in one consolidated place and evaluate each decision numerically to see how it might affect their overall net worth.

Retirement is not just a number we help our clients hit. It is a constantly changing equations we help you solve. These tools partnered with a risk tested custom portfolio give our clients a full overview of their situation, updated in real time daily.

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Business Owners

Business owners are busy! We know this. We can provide objective analysis on all issues related to the business owner.

Whether it be assistance in transition planning and estate planning, executive compensation, 401K and health plans, buy sell funding, disability, or tax savings ideas our team is prepared to outline your options and the different strategies that will make your business goals successful so you can make an informed decision.

Once that decision is made we assist in executing the plan you have chosen so you can go back to running your company.

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Introducing Your Pacific Peak Toolbox

Evaluate your budget, store important documents, use planning tools or just keep an eye on your net worth in real-time, all in one very secure, very private location.

Learn more about our fabulous financial solution center; a personal website for each of our Pacific Peak clients.


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